DNA Kit Instructions


Please do not eat, drink (water is fine), smoke or chew gum for at least 30 minutes before providing your saliva sample.

1. Wash and dry your hands before opening the saliva collection tube.

2. Please spit sufficient saliva into the tube such that the liquid (not including bubbles) is up to and not beyond the top black line on the tube.

3. If your mouth is dry, it might help to have a drink of water. It can take up to 15 minutes to produce enough saliva! If you have trouble producing saliva, we would advise sucking on a sugar cube to stimulate saliva production.

4. With enough saliva in the tube, snap on the cap with the preservative and shake.

5. Now remove the cap which held the preservative, then put on the small cap provided, making sure it is properly fixed on the plastic threads and screwed on tightly.

6. Put the tube in the plastic zip lock bag and back in the plastic container it came in.

7. Put the plastic container back into the kit box.

8. Your sample will be identified by the unique barcode visible on the tube. The barcode ensures that your sample remains anonymous at the lab, but is traceable back to you on our system. Please do not remove or alter the barcode.

9. With the sample kit inside and the address label on the front of the box, tuck in the corners of the box and seal by peeling the tape from the inside flap to reveal the sticky strip, and press down firmly.

10. Post the box with the correct postage. Please check with your local post office for the correct prices or visit www.royalmail.com. We recommend sending via Signed For or Special Delivery as this is the only way to guarantee your sample reaches the lab safely.

11. If posting from non-EU countries, please:

a) Place a customs sticker on the package with the words “Family History Kit”with the value of 1 pound sterling or a comparable currency value.

b) Add the required postage to send the package airmail (or special delivery).
Please do not post surface mail.


 Click here for a printable version of the DNA Kit Instructions.