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Your motherline and fatherline are just two of the many ancestral lineages that contribute to your DNA.

Where does the rest of your DNA come from? With over 250,000 autosomal DNA markers, All My Ancestry can answer that question and paint a picture of your recent ancestry.

Ancestry Tree

What will this test tell you?

All My Ancestry Map

The Chromo2 All My Ancestry test can tell you what percentage of your DNA comes from different regions from around the world and where you plot on global and continental genetic maps. We also give you a personalized map of your chromosomes, coloured by ancestral regions. How much of your DNA is African, Jewish, or Native American? Find out with All My Ancestry.

The further back you go into your ancestry, the smaller the percentage of autosomal DNA you will have inherited from each individual in that generation. Beyond your greatgrandparents, the contributed percentage of DNA is too small to make a noticable impact on the DNA ancestry shown in this test. We therefore say that the results to this test is determined by the past 3 - 4 generations of your family.

How does it work?

We compare your data to an extensive set of reference samples of known ancestry, the largest on the market, including over 4000 individuals from over 200 populations from all over the world. The populations include those who are European, Hispanic and Afro Caribbean, Native American, East Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, West Asian, African, Sub-Saharan, Pacific Islander and Jewish. Please note that you will only receive plots in which you are most closley genetically related.

Chromo2 All My Ancestry - How it works
Chromo2 All My Ancestry Global Connections

Global Connections

Global Connections plots you on a genetic map of the world. By comparing the average geographical origin of all your ancestors to our reference population, you will appear next to the populations who you are most closely related to genetically.

The plots you receive will be specific to your ancestry.

Chromosome Painting

You receive 22 autosomal chromosomes from each of your parents. Chromosome Painting colours these chromosomes based on the continent that each segment originated in, so you can see how much of your DNA came from Asia / Native America, West Eurasia or Africa.

Chromo2 All My Ancestry Chromosome Painting
Chromo2 All My Ancestry Population Percentages

Population Percentages

Population Percentages breaks down your DNA by percentage, telling you what proportion of your DNA comes from different populations from around the world.

You will receieve specific plots based on your ancestry.