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Find out your odds of losing your hair.

More than 95% of hair loss cases can be accounted for by male pattern baldness; your genotype can determine how likely you are to lose your hair at a particular age.

And for women, determine how likely you are to pass on hair loss to any sons.

Chromo2 Baldness Tree
Baldness Probability Diagram

How likely are you to go bald?

The occurance of male pattern baldness increase with age; 25% of men begin the hair loss process by aged 30, while 74% of men over the age of 80 are affected.

We use the two most important variants to determine your risk. In men, one of these is only inherited from the mother as it is found on the X chromosome. The other, found on chromosome 20, can be inherited from either parent.

What will this test tell you?

For men, we will be able to tell you your odds of developing male pattern baldness, and if you are in a high, normal or low risk category for losing your hair.

Woman are not affected by male pattern baldness in the same way men are, however we will be able to tell you the transmission risk for passing on the condition to any sons.

Chromo2 Baldness DNA Test Results
Chromo2 Baldness Markers Used

What variants do we use?

ScotlandsDNA uses the two most well known markers for determining male pattern baldness; the most important variant on the X chromosome and the most important variant on the autosomes, found on chromosome 20.

Your genotype at these locations results in a 20-fold difference for your chance of developing male pattern baldness.