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Is your eye colour rare for the genotype you have? What is the probability that your children will have blue, green or brown eyes? Find out with the Chromo2 Blue Eyes Test.

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Become part of the blue eyes story

For most of prehistory, there was no variation in eye colour; everyone had brown eyes. And most of the world's population still does.

Around 10,000 years ago, almost certainly around the Baltic Sea, a variant in the eye colour of a single individual appeared; this was the first person to have blue eyes.

And all those who have blue eyes are descended from that person.

In only a few thousand years, the most common eye colour in Northern Europe flipped from brown to blue.

Compare your results to the rest of the nation

We break down your result so you can find out how your genptype compares against thousands of others across Britain and Ireland.

Chromo2 Blue Eyes DNA Test Results
Chromo2 Blue Eyes DNA Test Results
Chromo2 Blue Eyes DNA Test Results
Chromo2 Blue Eyes Child Probability Calculator

Will your children have the same eye colour as you?

With our child probability calculator, you can predict how likely your child is to have blue, green or brown eyes based on your result.

Participate in's eye colour research project

The most common eye colour in Britain and Ireland is blue.

But at, we want to find out more. Which regions have the highest number of blue eyed people? Are brown eyes more common in a particular nation?

This research on eye colour is on-going; you can add to the sum of knowledge by taking the Blue Eyes test.

Chromo2 Blue Eyes UK & Ireland Distribution Map