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Uncover your fatherline and the journeys made by your ancient ancestors with the Chromo2 YDNA Fatherline test.

Only available for men, this test uses over 14,000 DNA markers on your Y chromosome to give you a highly comprehensive analysis of your direct male ancestry.

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What will this test tell you?

Ancient ancestry testing uncovers your ancestral origins, taking you back to the very beginning of your ancestral lineage. It is not like traditional genealogy and does not provide information on tracing present day relatives. Rather, ancient ancestry goes back tens of thousands of years to your ancestral roots.

By identifying DNA markers using Y chromosome DNA testing, it is possible to discover where and when your ancient ancestors originated, and retrace their genetic footprints across the globe over thousands of years.

Note that the Y chromosome does not provide information about your mother's family nor any of the women who married into your fatherline. Only men carry a Y chromosome, so it is not possible for a woman to receive this test. Any woman who is interested in learning about her fatherline should have a direct male relative (for example, father or brother) take the test on her behalf.

Receive your results online or by post

Our beautifully presented results contain a wealth of information specifically designed to convey complex genetic information in a way that is both clear and understandable.

Online results are included with every test and printed packs can be purchased at a small fee.

You will discover your haplogroup, specific sub-type and personal genetic signature. Along with this we will provide you with a historical narrative to better understand your results, world and regional frequency maps and a personalised phylogenetic tree.

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Accuracy, security and privacy is essential for our customers

The Chromo2 YDNA Fatherline test includes over 15,000 Y chromosome markers, more than any other product on the market. The markers have been carefully selected to be most informative, and as free from duplication as possible.

Upon ordering you will receive a login to your private myDNA account where you can view the status of your sample and when your results are ready.