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Find out if you carry any of the 33 red-head variants we test for on the MC1R gene.

Gene variants that cause red hair are recessive, meaning that you could carry a red-head variant and not even know it! If you have red hair the Chromo2 Red-head test can tell you which of the known variants you carry.

Chromo2 Red-head Tree
Chromo2 Red-head MC1R Gene

The most detailed red hair test available

Chromo2 Red-Head test is the most detailed available, testing for 33 known gene variants of the MC1R gene.

You have two copies of this gene, which is responsible for the production of the pigment in your skin and hair.

If you have a variant on one of these genes then you are a carrier - able to pass this variant on to your children but unlikely to have red hair. However, if you have a variant on both copies of your MC1R gene, then you will almost definately have red hair, and will pass one of your variants on to your children.

What will this test tell you?

Chromo2 Red-Head will test you for all known red-head variants of the MC1R gene - including one that we discovered - and will thus inform you if you are a carrier of a red hair variant.

We will tell you which variant(s) you carry and whether these confer a strong or weak possibility of having red hair.

Chromo2 Red-head DNA Test Results
Chromo2 Red-head Tree

Will your children have red hair?

In the example on the right, one parent is a red-head (with two variants) and one parent is a non-carrier (with no variants). The child has inherited one variant from her mother and none from her father; she does not have red hair but is a carrier.

For a child to have red hair, both parents must be carriers of at least one red-head variant.

Help us uncover more about the nations hair colour

Less than 1% of the worlds population as a whole has red hair. In the British Isles, the numbers are startlingly higher.

Around 13% of the Scottish population has red hair, but at least 35% are unknowing carriers. In Ireland about 10% have red hair, but it is reported that a staggering 46% are carriers of the red-head variants. For England, the estimate is 6% but more people are needed to confirm this.

When you test with, you have the option to contribute to our database, helping us discover more about red hair distribution across the British Isles.

Chromo2 Red-head UK & Ireland Distribution Map